Royal baby: From childcare to schools - what next for the Prince of Cambridge?


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While all eyes are on the labour ward of Queen Mary’s hospital, there are plenty of other details of the royal baby’s life – from childcare to schooling – to be considered.

Historically, royal children travelled with a large entourage of governesses, nursery nannies, and schoolmasters. But with a shift towards a more ‘middle-class’ monarchy, says Charlie Jacoby, a royal expert and author of The Royal Almanac, we are likely to see just one attendant to the child, presented in a more familiar au pair’s role.

The Cambridges’ break from tradition also makes it hard to predict which schools’ waiting lists the Royal nipper’s name might be on.

However, Jacoby says, it’s a safe bet that a boy will attend Eton, Harrow or Winchester.

“The only ones to rule out are the Catholic schools,” he says.

While grand tours are a thing of the past, the child will occasionally be expected on the Royals’ international travel itinerary, when it does not clash with schooling.

This caused a bone of contention when Will and Harry were young and there’s one thing of which to be certain: “At some stage Wills and Kate will face the horror of Middle England pointing out that they’re bringing up the child the wrong way.”

When it comes to the Queen’s involvement, Jacoby predicts she will be a ‘benevolent, doting’ great grandmother – but will be sure to play close attention.

“While we get excited about football teams, the talking topic of Royals is breeding and she will certainly be interested from that point of view.”