Royalty: Prince Harry, what didn't you learn from your daddy?


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While the appearance of naked photographs of Prince Harry holidaying in Las Vegas may have drummed up some of Fleet Street's finest manufactured outrage, he's not the first senior royal to be snapped in the altogether, as his father will testify.

In 1994, Prince Charles was at the centre of a similar story, when a paparazzo used a long lens to get a picture of him on holiday in the south of France.

The German tabloid Bild ran pictures of the then 45-year-old Prince of Wales wearing nothing more than a folded bathing-robe hanging from his shoulder, describing him as "hunky like a Greek statue".

At the time, The Independent reported that Paris Match also ran a set of images, including "a nude centre-spread of the Prince", and quoted a source at the magazine saying: "He looks magnifique. You English can be proud of him."

After such an experience, presumably Charles would have been on hand for some candid advice to his son.