Russian beauty queen says future financial plans are to 'find new husband'

Lawyers have warned couple's legal costs could exceed £1m

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A Russian former beauty queen embroiled in divorce proceedings with her estranged millionaire husband has told a UK court she intends to find a new husband in order to financially support herself.

Ekaterina Fields, 42, told Mr Justice Holman on Thursday that she did not intend to work but was a "very good wife" and would "try to find a husband".

The case is being heard in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

Mrs Fields, a former child film star in Russia who describes herself as a model and actress, is in the midst of a dispute with her husband Richard Fields, 59, an international lawyer based in Miami.

The couple were married for about a decade and have two children. The children live with Mrs Fields in London.

The judge has repeatedly urged the couple to come to reach a settlement. Lawyers have warned that legal costs could exceed £1 million.

Lawyers have said that Mrs Fields, who has a business studies degree, has been married twice and Mr Fields five times.

Mrs Fields says she has worked as a personal assistant and tried real estate brokerage and diamond trading.

On Thursday she was questioned by Stephen Trowell QC, a barrister representing Mr Fields, who asked  her: "Do you intend to work at all after today?"

Mrs Fields replied: "No. I intend to make attempts at making money ... It is unclear at this point how I would succeed."

Mr Trowell told the judge: "She should expect to start becoming self-supporting rather than being dependent on my client forever. There is a duty on Mrs Fields to exercise her earning capacity."

On Wednesday Mrs Fields had denied marrying Mr Fields for money.

Lewis Marks QC, a barrister representing Ms Fields, had told the judge: "It is the husband's case that my client married him for his money and he indulged her throughout."

Mrs Fields said: "It was not at all the dynamic of the relationship."

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