School to take its inset days all at once to give parents a chance to take kids on holiday

The South Wales primary school could help parents save £1,200 by giving them an extra week's holiday in June

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A primary school in South Wales is planning to put all its inset days together so parents can take their children on cheaper holidays.

Catherine Barnett, the headteacher of Eveswell Primary School in Newport, south Wales has announced to parents that they can take a week off in June next year as a result of the change.

The school will run five training days for staff back to back in the second week of June next year so that parents can book cheaper holidays and avoid taking their children out of school during term time, according to the Telegraph.

It has been added on to the traditional Whitsun week half-term holiday.

The move has been welcomed by parents with one, Gemma Thomas telling the BBC:  “If every school did this but chose a different week to other council areas it would be completely fantastic for families.”

Mrs Barnett, who has worked at the school since 2002, said parents "seem really happy" about the move.

She said it gave the staff the opportunity to have more indepth training over five days rather than one, according to the Mail Online.

Parents could save up to £1,200 because of the move.

Schools in Wales are allowed to have up to five days devoted to staff training every academic year but it up to them when they are distributed and many choose to stagger them.

There has been growing criticism in recent years over holiday companies sometimes tripling their prices for family holidays in the holidays forcing parents to take their children out of school in term time.

Parents in Wales have been fined £60 per child for taking their children out of school without permission, Wales Online reports.