Scotland Yard could double number of counter-terror police abroad in the wake of the Tunisia attack

The planned move is intended to protect British tourists overseas from the threat of Isis

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The number of overseas counter-terrorism police officers could be doubled, as part of Scotland Yard's plans to protect British tourists from terrorist attacks like those committed in Tunisia in June.

As reported by The Evening Standard, Scotland Yard believes that increased numbers of officers in North Africa, working alongside local law enforcement, is needed to protect Britons from attacks by Isis and other terror groups.

The move could see up to 60 Scotland Yard counter-terror experts sent overseas, either to bolster existing units already in place, or to create new ones.

Due to the expanding threat from Isis, popular tourist resorts in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey are now worryingly close to centres of terrorist activity.


It's hoped that increasing police presence overseas will not only protect tourists in these places, but also Britons living or working abroad.

A senior police source told the Standard: "We'd like to have boutique counter-terrorism units across the region to work with local security forces."

"It will cost some money, but we think we are pushing at an open door. Everyone recognises the challenge."

The Metropolitan police already has around 30 officers working overseas, in places like Afghanistan, Turkey and Somalia.

It is hoped that their expertise will help local authorities in dealing with terror threats.

Already, 20 Met officers are in Tunisia, albeit on a temporary basis. Members of the force's SO15 counter-terror unit went to the country in the wake of the Sousse attacks to assist local police.

Such a move would cost a lot of money, and Scotland Yard is expected to ask for additional funding from the government, in addition to funding already provided in the existing counter-terrorism budget.