Scottish baby names: Dozens of children named 'Indie' or 'Indy' born in year of Scotland independence referendum

Perhaps unfortunately for them, Scotland ended up voting 'no'

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More than two dozen babies were named either “Indy” or “Indie” in Scotland in 2014, the year the country voted against independence from the United Kingdom.

Two children, a boy and a girl, were named “Freedom”, according to statistics released today by the Scottish government.

Among other names that could be loosely construed as referendum-related, 83 boys were called Scott, plus a single Scot and even a Scotty.

There were also 180 Williams – the 35th most popular boys’ name, 135 Roberts (50th) – and 163 new Andrews.

For the girls, it would be nice to think the 21 new Nicolas were named for the now-First Minister Ms Sturgeon – as well as one boy listed as “Spurgeon” (hopefully just a typo).

As well as the influence of popular events, characters from TV and film often register as highlights in the annual lists of baby names.

After the smash success of Disney’s Frozen, 31 girls were named Elsa, 28 were named Anna – and eight lucky boys in Scotland are now known as Olaf.

There were no girls named Daenerys after the Game of Thrones character from the Targaryen family – but five girls were named Khaleesi, Khalese or Khalisa, possibly after her title meaning queen.

Among the more unusual names given to just a single child each were Spartacus, Sherlock and Bear for the boys and Miracle, Twinkle and Godstreasure for the girls.

To browse the brilliant full list of names, click through to the government’s website here.