Is this the most scarily accurate lookalike photo ever taken?

'David' and 'Alex' were spotted comparing notes on Scotland's future

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For a brief moment it seemed the Prime Minister and the First Minister of Scotland were coming close to resolving the future of Scotland during a cordial train ride together.

A series of images have been released showing ‘David Cameron’ and ‘Alex Salmond’ mid-conversation before boarding a train, as well as of David trying to catch a glimpse of Alex’s secret Scottish Referendum documents during their journey together.

But the pair are actually lookalikes posing for Alison Jackson, the photographer widely known for her spoof celebrity portraits which often feature her famous subjects in compromising positions.

The unlikely travel companions joined forces today for the satirical photoshoot to celebrate the first national Railcard to launch in Britain for 30 years.

Some of Jackson's most noted shots have included Tony Blair line-dancing in cowboy regalia on George Bush's Texas ranch, Prince William holding the hair of an adoring fan who has written ‘KING’ in red lipstick on his chest, and a bedraggled-looking Mick Jagger hanging out his washing in a moment of domesticity.

Jackson also spoofed the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's child North West, showing a Kardashian lookalike giving birth in a room full of cameras.

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Photographed at London’s King’s Cross Station, ‘David Cameron’ and ‘Alex Salmond’ were officially the first pair of passengers to use the new 'Two Together Railcard' which launched today.

The card offers couples and pairs of friends or relatives a third off most adult rail fares, when they travel together after 9.30am Mondays to Fridays, or anytime at weekends and public holidays.