Shard Base jump: Mystery skydiver parachutes from London's tallest building

He made the leap at around 10am this morning before safely hitting the ground near Borough Market

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A Base jumper leapt from the Shard this morning, causing shock and amazement to onlookers on the ground.

The man made the jump off the 95-storey skyscraper at around 10am before safely hitting the ground near Borough Market.

Eyewitnesses took to social media to share their amazement. Wine merchants Philglas & Swiggot described the feat as “absolutely mental”.

The Base jumper, whose identity remains unknown, was seen floating towards the ground near tethered to a stripy parachute. He reportedly ran off after landing safely on the ground.

The Shard press office was contacted for comment but said they were “not allowed” to disclose any information on the matter.