Shocking mobile footage shows a man leaping onto the railway tracks at Peckham Rye station to recover mobile phone

Onlookers in audible shock as young man jumps onto tracks to retrieve an object thought to be a mobile phone
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A police investigation is underway after a young man was filmed jumping onto the railway tracks at Peckham Rye station.

The footage shows a couple looking on the tracks for an object before the man decides to leap down from the platform in order to retrieve it.

Take a look at the shocking footage below.

Two concerned voices can be heard on the amateur footage above.

One woman says “F***ing hell, do not do that, balancing on one leg over the yellow line, looking on the track – that is not a good idea.”

They suggest the man should contact staff in order to retrieve whatever they had lost. But, at this point, the young man jumps on the tracks - to the shock of the witnesses.

As the video continues it appears the young man is not seriously hurt but he can be seen slightly limping after returning to the platform.

The incident is reported to have taken place on 4 July and a police investigation has now begun.