'Shrine' set up for doomed postbox

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A doomed postbox due to be removed by Royal Mail has been turned into a shrine by Bristol residents mourning its impending loss.

Poems, flowers and "rest in peace" messages have been attached to the red and black pillarbox in Bedminster.

People living in the area saddened to see it go have wrapped it in imitation flowers, vines and leaves, with a bunch of fake red roses and a crucifix on top.

A note inviting passers-by to leave their own farewell messages has been attached, along with a passage from a WH Auden poem.

It reads: "And no-one will hear the postman's knock/Without a quickening of the heart. For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?"

The mourner is a mystery but residents say a ceremony was carried out on Sunday night with people chanting and dancing around the postbox.

The Royal Mail is removing the box because it is out of use after repeated attacks by vandals.