Smog - what smog? Londoners are more concerned about camels than Saharan dust

Residents in the capital have taken a rather more humorous approach to dust storms and 'very high' levels of air pollution

London may be among the areas worst-hit by the “very high” levels of air pollution that have seen the Government issue health warnings and children kept indoors at school, but Londoners themselves appear to be taking it all in their stride.

Pollution levels hit a maximum ten today in the south but while health warnings were circulated across the internet the capital's residents decided to fill Twitter with more speculative thoughts on the Sahara dust and what else it might bring.

In fact, the Saharan dust seemed to cause more chatter over the (rather unlikely) prospect of camels appearing on crowded streets than fears over the possible health implications of breathing in poor quality air.

One cyclist felt compelled to make her helmet "camel-proof" while others pondered the possibilities of the animals falling through sky, along with the African dust.

But for most people it has been business as normal, although Twitter has seen its fair share of car-covered-in-Sahara-dust related “why did I bother cleaning it??” wails.