Speaker John Bercow a ‘little weasel’ and ‘arrogant toff’ in public row over alleged parked-car bump

The owner of a car parked on a London street says the politician ‘bashed’ two vehicles, an accusation he fervently denied

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The House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has acted like a “little weasel” by bumping into a parked car and then denying it, according to reports in the Evening Standard.

A reporter for the paper was walking past the incident and managed to picture Mr Bercow in a heated debate with Nathalie Pulford, 42, who claims she saw the politician “bash” her Range Rover.

But Mr Bercow denies even touching either her car or the car behind while he tried to parallel park his Volvo in the tight space.

Ms Pulford told the Evening Standard: “I said to him: ‘Don’t you realise you absolutely bashed into my car?’ -  he had walloped these cars – and he said: ‘No I didn’t. It wasn’t me.’

“He would not even approach the subject. He was being really haughty, being a completely arrogant toff.”

Ms Pulford said she had been sitting in the nearby Gaucho steak restaurant in Chelsea’s Sloane Avenue when she saw Mr Bercow begin trying to park, and that she ran out to the street when he first hit the car on the other side of the space to hers.

“I could tell he bumped the car behind him because it moved. And then he bumped my car as well… It sounds petty but it’s the principle. As far as I’m concerned he’s a little weasel who should take responsibility, but he’s just like the rest of them,” she said.

A witness corroborated Ms Pulford’s report to the Evening Standard. Nadia Green, a waitress at the restaurant, said: “I saw the bump. I was taking an order and the [Bercow’s] car literally touched both of the other cars to get into the space. He was trying to squeeze in.”

At the time, Mr Bercow said: “I object to what was a very personal and unpleasant attack and shouting remarks just because I’m a politician. I’m very offended. I don’t know why she got so angry.

“Am I a brilliant driver? No. I’m not the best, I don’t claim to be, but I would have known if I’d touched her car. The issue was not the car in front, it was getting into the space without hitting the car behind.”

A spokesman today said that the speaker denies any contact was made, adding that “if she wants to raise it with her insurer, he would be more than happy to defend himself and explain what happened”.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said: “Police were called shortly after 1am by a motorist reporting a damage-only collision that occurred at approximately 6.20pm on Wednesday in Ixworth Place.

“The motorist has been advised to attend a police station when convenient to fully report the matter.”