St George's Day could replace May Day holiday

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The May Day bank holiday could be dropped and replaced by either a St George's Day in April or a Trafalgar Day in October under Government tourism plans announced yesterday.

But a plan for "double summertime" to bring UK clocks into line with Europe's was not in the strategy, despite suggestions it would be included.

The Tourism minister, John Penrose, said moving the May Day bank holiday could bring benefits. Moving it to St George's Day on April 23 would get the tourist season off to an earlier start, while putting it back to the October half-term would elongate the season.

The Government will consult on any possible changes.

On the time difference alteration Mr Penrose said the proposal had been "in then out, then in and then out" of the final published document.

A separate Daylight Saving Private Members Bill is currently going through Parliament that, if successful, would require the Government to look at the benefits of a change to European time.

The strategy builds on a marketing plan, launched in January, that aims to generate, over the next four years, an extra four million visitors to Britain, who will spend an additional £2bn.