Stationery: Keira Knightley, the poster girl for Post-it notes


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For stationery obsessives, there's no better month than September. Even if they (OK, we) haven't needed a back-to-school shop for decades, it's still a great time for a new pencil case and/or ring binder.

Keira Knightley is clearly a girl in thrall to the delights of a Rymans splurge – she revealed at the premiere of her flick Anna Karenina this week that her copy of the book was stuffed with Post-it notes. "I'm very into stationery. I think I frightened all the boys because I'd done so much homework," she told the Press Association. "Or rather, they could at least see the homework I'd done because I go for colourful Post-it notes."

Colourful? But Keira, what about the ones that come in interesting shapes? Or the neon ones? Or the little sticky flags? Or the patterned ones? She obviously has a way to go yet.