Stephen Sutton: Terminally-ill teenager raises record £2.5m for cancer charity on JustGiving

His relentless enthusiasm while battling cancer has inspired the world

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The JustGiving fundraising page set up by a terminally-ill teenager has raised more than £2.5million, breaking all records on the site.

Stephen Sutton, 19, is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which has helped him through his battle with colorectal cancer.

The company confirmed the achievement, adding £50,000 of their own to the phenomenal amount mostly made up from small donations of £5 or £10 from people he has inspired.

On his Facebook page, he wrote: "Thank you from me, and also thank you from every young cancer patient in the future who will benefit invaluably from the money raised!"

Stephen has been suffering with the disease since he was 15 and doctors told him last year it was inoperable, prompting him to write a “bucket list” of 46 things he wanted to achieve - including raising £1 million for the charity.


He has skydived, bungee jumped, learnt to juggle, ridden a Segway and even got a tattoo.

The list is not yet finished and Stephen has doubted if he will ever get to see the ruins of Machu Picchu, in Peru, or dance at a carnival in Brazil.

His relentless energy, zest for life and strength to fight his illness has inspired people has inspired people around the world.

Celebrities including comedian Jason Manford, actor Russell Brand and Olympic Gold medallist Chris Hoy were among those to get involved in the #thumpsupforstephencampaign  on Twitter.

The publicity has driven hundreds of thousands of people to Stephen’s Facebook page, where he has been updating people about his journey and treatment.

He revealed he thought he was a “goner” on Tuesday after his lung collapsed but he survived to see his fundraising skyrocket.

In his most recent post, he included a documentary about his life made with the Make A Wish Foundation.

He wrote: “The tumours in my body are still rife and dangerous, but I feel so lucky to just still be here, and in fact I feel completely privileged to be in this position where I can help make such a difference to others people lives.”

Stephen, from Burntwood, Staffordshire, said the reaction to his cause had confirmed his belief that people are “good” and called everyone’s response “heartwarming”.

He wrote: “I always describe my cancer as a huge kick up the backside that taught me a lot of good: the importance of helping others, of making every second count, of making sure life is for LIVING.”

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