Stress and economic climate to blame as Westminster is named impotence capital of England

A study showed that 20 per cent of people seeking treatment for the problem live in the South East of England

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The South East has been named the impotence capital of England with Westminster having the highest count of men seeking treatment.

A study by online clinic, HealthExpress, showed that 20 per cent of people seeking treatment for the problem live in the South East of England.

Westminster in London was found to be the impotence capital.

The South East was followed by the South Midlands which accounted for 11.3 per cent of completed impotence consultations.

 In third place on the list was the West Midlands with 9.3 per cent and Yorkshire was fourth with 7.9 per cent.

Experts have said the figures could indicate a rise in the number of cases, and that this could be due to an increase in anxiety and stress, possibly caused by long working hours and the recession.

Impotence is thought to be a common condition with some surveys suggesting up to 33 percent of men will suffer at some point in their lives.

Dr Hilary Jones, an adviser to HealthExpress said: "The survey could reflect a regional reticence factor in men actually admitting erectile dysfunction and seeking help for it, however, impotence is a common issue and many GPs have seen an increased number of men coming to them for advice, as the stress of everyday life affects their erectile function.

"However, it is key to gain medical advice as in some cases it can be a sign of a more serious underlying health issues including diabetes and heart problems.

"Impotence is not something men should be embarrassed about and there a lot of treatments on the market, whether that be prescription drugs, therapy in the form of counselling or relaxation, and in rare cases, surgery.'