Survey reveals all about Mr (and Mrs) Average

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If you've just turned 40, you have a baby, you work full-time for little over £22,000 and your husband weighs in at about 13 stone, you're not alone.

New statistics released yesterday paint the clearest picture yet of the average British man and woman.

The figures, compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to mark next week's United Nations World Statistics Day, reveal some telling discrepancies. The average man earns more than £6,000 a year more than his female counterpart and is educated to a higher level.

The ONS analysis also revealed the five items most likely to be included in a typical weekly grocery shop were a two-pint carton of semi-skimmed milk, sliced ham, unsweetened breakfast cereal, bacon and milk chocolate.

It showed 2.4 people lived in the typical British household.

In England and Wales, the average age at first marriage was 30.8 years for men and 28.8 years for women.

The average woman gave birth aged 29.4 years, while people's age at the time of divorce was 36.9 years for men and 40.8 years for women.

The typical man remarried at the age of 45.9 years, compared to an average of 43.1 years for women.

The average British woman

* 40 years and seven months old. She has 42 years left to live

* If she works full time, she works 34 hours a week.

* She earns £22,151 a year

* She is educated up to GCSE A*-C level

* If she lives in England or Wales, she will have 1.96 children in her lifetime.

* She is 161.6cm tall if living in England.

* She weighs 70.2kg.

The average British man

* 38 years and 4 months old. He has 41 years left to live

* If he works full time, he works 39 hours per week.

* He earns £28,270 a year.

* He is educated up to A-level standard.

* If he lives in England, he is 175.3cm tall

* He weighs 83.6kg