Terrifying video shows speeding train miss Land Rover by inches at level crossing

Footage from one of the videos shows a train avoid fatal collision with Land Rover by inches

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Terrifying videos that capture two near misses at level crossings in England and in Wales have been released by British Transport Police as part of a continuing campaign to improve road safety.

The videos released by the BTP yesterday, show CCTV footage of two incidents that shows a driver and a pedestrian narrowly avoiding serious accidents after acting dangerously at level crossings.

The first video captures a near collision between a train and a Land Rover after the car ignores a red light. In the footage from a camera attached to the front of the train, the train is filmed speeding along a track in Carmarthenshire, Wales when a Land Rover pulls out in front of it and avoids a serious collision by inches.

The second video shows a brazen traveller caught on CCTV taking a shortcut through a level crossing, just moments before a train travels along that part of the line. In the video, you can see one of the station’s staff chasing the man before he disappears.

The release of the latest videos comes just two days after BTP published a video of three other near misses to have occurred at British level crossings. The videos come during BTP and Network Rail’s week -long road safety awareness campaign “Operation Look”.

As part of a week of action, the BTP have been carrying out extra patrols and spot checks at crossings up and down the country.

BTP spokeswoman, Inspector Becky Warren, said: “All too often people get into the habit of taking risks at crossings. Our message is simple – use crossings safely.

”It may be tempting to jump a light to shave a minute or two off your journey, but every time you do, you endanger your life and the lives of other road and rail users.

“Fail to obey the signals and you may also end up with a driving ban or a criminal record. Is it really worth the risk?”