Terror suspect accuses British forces of abuse


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A terrorism suspect is pursuing legal action against the British Government after alleging that he was abused by British and American interrogators during his detention in Uganda.

Lawyers representing Kenyan businessman Omar Awadh Omar say he was detained in Nairobi on 17 September last year, before being forcibly deported to Uganda and charged with offences relating to the July 2010 Kampala bombings.

During his detention, Mr Awadh claims to have been subjected to "cruel and unlawful treatment" by MI5, FBI and Ugandan agents.

A claim being brought in the High Court alleges that a British intelligence officer stamped on Mr Awadh's bare feet, and that an American who identified himself as an FBI agent punched, threatened and sexually humiliated him.

Mr Awadh's British solicitor, Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers, told The Guardian: "The Coalition Government promised to end torture under its watch but that promise has already been broken and many uncomfortable questions now fall to be answered."

Mr Awadh is suspected of being behind the 11 July twin bomb blasts in Kampala, which killed 79 people watching the World Cup final on television.

Ugandan government officials allege that Mr Awadh was a leading al-Qa'ida terrorist who was planning another bomb attack in Kampala.