Thameslink services resume after burst water main leads to severe flooding

Thameslink said that it would now be issuing Thames Water with a “multi-million pound bill” for the disruption

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Thameslink services have resumed after severe flooding led to a week of travel chaos and more than 1,000 trains being cancelled.

Network Rail announced this morning that the water, which had caused the track between St Pancras and Farringdon to be completely closed for over a day, had been cleared and that trains were once again up and running.

Problems with the flooding began last Friday, when Thames Water discovered that a water main running alongside the track had burst.

This led to thousands of gallons of water submerging the track and services being delayed by a total of 133 hours.

Videos from Thameslink passengers show the terrible extent of the flooding.

Video courtesy of GTR

On Wednesday evening, the track was completely closed, with no trains running for the whole of Thursday.

According to Network Rail, more than a million litres of water had to be pumped from the tracks and five of the company’s 121 trains had been damaged by the floodwater.

It was announced that Thameslink would now be issuing Thames Water with a “multi-million pound bill” for the disruption.

Phil Verster, of Network Rail, said: “The overwhelming extent of the continued flooding made it unsafe to run normal through services between London St Pancras and London Blackfriars since Sunday.

”We expect Thames Water to reimburse passengers, train operators and Network Rail for the significant consequences of these water leaks.“

Thames Water have said that Network Rail’s “lack of maintenance” had been behind the problem.

Bob Collington, the director of Thames Water, said: ”The pipe was full of silt and debris, and a grill which would have allowed the water to drain away was blocked solid.

“Basically, the water had nowhere to go.

”We believe this problem was first identified as far back as 2007, and the problems with water on the track have been caused by a lack of maintenance on their part."

Network Rail have said that services are running again but warn travellers to expect cancellations and shorter trains over the weekend.