The kids will love it: Dundee gets a real Bash Street


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A road in Dundee has been named “Bash Street” after the heroic characters in the comic The Beano.

The Bash Street Kids, who include Plug, Wilfred, Danny, ’Erbert, Smiffy and Toots, have been immortalised on a pedestrianised street in the West Marketgait area of the city, where publisher DC Thomson is based.

Beano editor-in-chief Mike Stirling told The Herald newspaper that all The Beano team were “thrilled” – except Dennis the Menace.

The Bash Street Kids are legends of our past, present and future,” he said. “By reading The Beano, generations have 'attended' school with the characters and kids still follow their adventures every week,” he said.

“It's truly an honour for kids of all ages, everywhere, that a street is being named after The Bash Street Kids.”

However, Dennis was “not a happy boy, not at all”.

“He thinks the street should have been named 'Menace Street,’” Mr Stirling said.

The illustrated street sign features Plug and Wilfred leaving messages for Teacher.

Bill Campbell, of Dundee City Council, said there were “many roads in Dundee named after famous people, famous places and even famous rivers”.

“But I think this is the first time that we've agreed to name a street after a famous street,” he added.

The Bash Street Kids and The Beano itself are iconic and it is truly fitting that the city of their birth should commemorate them in this most public of ways. We've already got statues of The Dandy's Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx in the city centre and it's good to tie in with other comic characters.”