The Queen of selfies: Boy's memorable snap of monarch (before he got one of Prince Philip too)

In the selfie world, it's called a Royal Flush.... maybe

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A 14-year-old boy is the new king of selfies after managing to grab pictures with both the Queen and Prince Philip during their tour of Northern Ireland yesterday.

Jack Surgenor jumped out from the crowds to take the pictures as the Queen and Prince Philip toured St George’s Market in Belfast. Standing just inches away from Her Majesty, he leaned in to capture a picture with her - and then managed to grab a second selfie with Prince Philip.

While the Queen did not look amused by his actions, on Twitter the incident also led to speculation about whether a selfie with the Queen should be dubbed a “quelfie” or a “onesie”.

Selfies may still be novelty for the Queen, but other royals, and politicians, regularly indulge in the social media phenomenon. Prince William was dubbed the “selfie king” by the Daily Telegraph during his and Kate Middleton’s tour of New Zealand and Australia earlier this year, while it was recently revealed that the selfie craze puts pressure on David Cameron’s campaign schedule, making the Prime Minister’s walkabouts take much longer.

The (other) royal selfie

The Queen is on the third and final day of a visit to Northern Ireland. Today she and Prince Philip will meet Antiques Roadshow experts for an episode of the BBC show to be filmed at Hillsborough Castle, the Queen’s official Northern Ireland residence.