The recession Christmas in numbers: More turkey, fewer trimmings

Will this year’s festivities survive the economic party-pooping?

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Market research firm Mintel crunched the numbers to find out what we're buying, what we're eating, what we're drinking – and how we're paying for it

92,000 tonnes of festive turkey bought in 2007

89,000 in 2012


14.5m litres of champagne drunk 2007

13.8m litres drunk in 2012


38.5m litres of sparkling wine consumer in 2007. This year we will drink 44.6m

£36.74 The average amount being spent on seasonal meal occasions this year


7% of Brits claimed they returned or changed some gifts last Christmas (the 25-34 age group were most inclined to do so at 10%, with the 35-44s and over-65s least likely to do so at 4%)

25% of women say they brought Christmas gifts throughout the year to avoid rushing  around at the last minute, compared with 18% of men

26% of British men say they left Christmas gift shopping until the last week - compared with 14% of women


38% of Brits say they find entertaining at home stressful

80% say they make a big effort

75% enjoy it