The Sainsbury's cat in Brockley has returned to the shelves

The supermarket says the feline is a 'health and safety risk'

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A cat has returned to its favourite supermarket after two months away, much to the delight of customers and local residents.

The feline, believed to be called Olly, became popular on social media in November after customers of Sainsbury’s in Brockley, south London, posted images of him sitting on the store's shelves.

He has now returned to reclaim his place, and is once again causing a stir on social media.

In November, Olly's owner, Adam Oliver, said the cat was six years old and that he lived close to the shop.

Olly, who is often caught on camera with a grumpy expression is popular among local residents - one called him a "tourist attraction" on the 'I Love SE4' Facebook group.

However, Sainsbury’s in Brockley said Olly was a “health and safety risk”.

A spokesperson for the shop told The Telegraph: “He lives in the house next door and he’s in here every day, all the time.”

“He’s not allowed to be here, the staff like him, but he is a health and safety risk.”