The sea is too loud, and where's Gary Barlow? Bizarre cruise ship complaints revealed

Bizarre complaints revealed by online cruise travel agency

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Demanding customers come with the territory if you work on a cruise ship.

But spare a thought for the staff who had to face the bizarre complaints revealed by an online cruise travel agency this week.

Among the customer moans that famously cheerful cruise-liner staff had to deal with were: One woman complaining that the sea was being too loud, a complaint that Gary Barlow was not on board the ship (he'd been on the boat a year earlier), and a couple that complained about the boat not waiting for them to finish their sight-seeing (despite them leaving the captain a note).

The bizarre complaints have been detailed by cruise travel agency, and also include a man who complained about not getting "an impressive tan" and being unable to swim in the pool each day while on a trip around...Alaska.

One woman, having seen that Take That star Gary Barlow had been on her ship on an earlier trip, demanded an explanation as to why the singer was not on her voyage.

Another woman, who complained about the loudness of the sea, said she had not been able to sleep well on her Mediterranean cruise. She demanded cabins be "better sound-proofed against the sounds of the sea".

Another female traveller, having booked an inside cabin, also complained - this time about not having a view of the sea. She asked for a window to be installed.

A woman travelling with a company called Celebrity Cruises asked for a refund as there were "no celebrities on board", while a Yorkshire couple wanted compensation after forking out "a lot more money than planned" on staff tips due to the excellent service. cruise development manager Steph Curtin said: "From time to time we come across a few quirky complaints that we can do little to help.

"I'm afraid we can't be held responsible for the sea being too loud or the lack of celebrities on board."