The six most annoying things about living with flatmates

Not everyone enjoys the experience of shared living

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Living in a flat or house share can be a positive experience. You meet new people and sometimes they might even cook you dinner after a long day at work.

But not everyone enjoys the experience of shared living – they just can’t afford anything else.

A recent study found that the number of single people aged 25 to 34 living in shared accommodation in London has risen by 28 per cent over the last decade, while graduates are forced to move back in with their parents.

With that in mind, the app Chored, designed to help people in houseshares, surveyed over 1,000 people to find out what the biggest pet peeves were for people living in a flat or house share.

The top six were:

1)            Bills

A third of Britons reportedly fall out with their housemates every month because of issues with bill payments. Only 9 per cent of those surveyed admitted to always paying their bills on time, while 41 per cent said they had to chase their housemates for payments.

2)            Chores

80 per cent of those surveyed said cleaning disputes, even down to someone leaving the bath plug in, were irritating.

3)            Noise

Flat mates staggering in at 3am on a Tuesday night, loud noises from the bedroom next door, and that one person who always turns their music up full blast. 35 per cent of people named noise disturbances as a pet peeve.

4)            Household expenses

Everyone uses toilet paper, right? And washing up liquid? Yet somehow one person in the house seems to be out, or busy, whenever the time comes to restock on all those essential items.

5)            Eating someone else’s food without permission

Possibly the worst of all household crimes: 37 per cent found this to be an infuriating act. And it’s a real struggle not to do the passive aggressive action of writing your name on every single item of your food in the house.

6)            Irritating partners

22 per cent of those surveyed found that if they disliked their flat mate’s girlfriend or boyfriend, it made the experience of shared accommodation a lot worse.