The Year in Review: World records

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Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, of San Jose, California, won this year's World Hot Dog Eating Championship at Coney Island, New York, having consumed 66 in 12 minutes a world record, but disgusting.

Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell broke the world 100 metres record in September, running 9.74sec in Rieti, Italy.

And let's hear it for Paul Collins of Seaton and Sonia Feukes of Poole, men's and women's winners of the 11th World Nettle Eating Championships in June at The Bottle Inn, Bridport, Devon.

The American-built SSC Ultimate Aero TT succeeded the Bugatti Veyron as the world's fastest production car, with a top speed of 256.15mph.

Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk toppled Bao Xishun as the world's tallest man. He stands at 8ft 6in. Earlier this year, Neil Fingleton was recognised as the UK's tallest man. Fingleton, 27, topped seven feet by the age of 11, and is now 7ft 7.56in tall.

British adventurer Bear Grylls claimed to be the first man to have flown a motorised paraglider over Mount Everest. He reached an altitude of 29,500ft, enduring temperatures of -60C.

The heaviest baby of the year was born in September to a Siberian woman, aged 43. Nadia Barabanova's 12th child weighed in at 17.1lbs (7.75kg) and was delivered by caesarean section.

Russell "Rock Bottom" Byars, 43, broke the world stone-skimming record at a lake in Pennsylvania. His pebble travelled 76 metres, bouncing 51 times.

Legendary Texan snake-handler Jackie Bibby shared a transparent bath tub with 87 rattlesnakes, breaking his previous record by 12 snakes.

German fisherman Emir Caro broke the record for the largest common carp, catching a fish that weighed in at 84lb 12oz (38.45kg). He had been angling for it for three years.

More than 1,000 bikini-clad women gathered on Bondi Beach, Sydney, in September to set the world record for the largest swimsuit photoshoot.

The American student Joey Chestnut set a new world record for hamburger eating in October. Chestnut, who is 23, ate an impressive103 burgers in eight minutes. He also holds the world records for eating hot dogs, chicken wings and asparagus.

Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan broke the record for the greatest number of Test wickets taken, beating the previous record of 708 held by Shane Warne, in a match against England.

On "Mega Monday" (10 December), UK consumers spent more than 750,000 online in a single minute, breaking all previous records.

Leona Lewis's album, "Spirit", became the fastest-selling debut record of all time, beating the previous holder, the Arctic Monkeys' "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"

Allan Stewart, 91, became the oldest new graduate in the world after received a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of New England.

The skyscraper Burj Dubai became the world's tallest building after reaching 141 storeys, 512m. The Dubai skyscraper is expected to stand at more than 690m when it is completed next year.

Scientists in Germany unearthed the fossilised claw of a 390-million-year-old sea scorpion, which, at an estimated eight metres long, is the largest sea scorpion ever discovered.