Thousands who thought they had 2012 tickets miss out again

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Thousands of people who attempted to buy tickets to the London 2012 Olympics for a second time were left disappointed yesterday after their applications were rejected.

Some 150,000 people applied for 2.3 million tickets released on a first-come, first-served basis on Friday, exclusively for those who missed out in the first round of sales. Roughly 15,000 of those applicants were told that their applications were unsuccessful, with many expressing anger at the online ticketing system for allowing them to book tickets for events which had already sold out.

The London 2012 chairman Lord Coe accepted there was disappointment among people who have been unsuccessful since the second sale began on Friday at 6am. "We will continue to do everything we can to get them to the Games," he said.

One applicant, Andy Pritchard, from Bangor, told the BBC: "I was on the application website bang on 6am on Friday to make my application and thought I had got tickets to three sessions. As they were supposedly first-come, first-served, I had some confidence that I had been successful. But today I received an e-mail saying I had been unsuccessful, which I found galling." he said.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) said almost 90 per cent of those who applied for tickets on Friday got some tickets, adding that it had begun emailing applicants. "Around 10 per cent have not been successful due to the massive demand during the first two hours of sales where 10 sports sold out, some within 15 minutes," a spokesperson said.