Three killed in horror crash are named


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A 14-year-old boy, his father and an elderly woman died in a horrific car crash which left the teenager's mother and nine-year-old sister seriously injured, police said today.

Ethan Sarkar and his father Derek Sarkar, 46, died when their Volkswagen Golf was in collision with a Volvo driven by Sheila Stavert-Lee, from Wigginton, near York, yesterday.

The crash on the A614 near East Cowick, East Yorkshire, left Mr Sarkar's wife and nine-year-old daughter, who have not been named, with critical injuries.

The two survivors are in a serious condition in Leeds General Infirmary.

Mr Sarkar was driving north over a canal bridge on the A614 with his son in the front passenger seat when their silver Volkswagen collided head-on with Mrs Stavert-Lee's red Volvo V70.

A Humberside Police spokeswoman said tonight: "It appears the Volvo had crossed on to the wrong side of the carriageway into the path of the oncoming Golf."

The father and son were pronounced dead at the scene along with Mrs Stavert-Lee.

Mr Sarkar's wife and daughter were airlifted to Leeds.

The family are from Sheldon Heath Road, in Birmingham.

Earlier, Debbie Hinchliffe, who lives a short distance from the bridge where the two cars collided, explained how she ran to the wreckage to hear the sound of children screaming.

Mrs Hinchliffe was the first person at the scene of the crash, which happened at about 1.30pm yesterday.

She said she found Mrs Stavert-Lee unconscious in the Volvo, which had smoke pouring from its front and appeared to be about to set on fire.

Mrs Hinchliffe said she wanted to talk about the horrific scene she witnessed in the hope something is done about the road outside her house which has seen a catalogue of crashes.

"It was a shock - the severity of it," she said.

"I was stood at my gate and I heard the crash. I ran to the scene. Two cars were written off.

"The old lady was unconscious and kids were screaming in the back of the other car.

"And I couldn't get anybody out.

"The car was going to set on fire with the old lady in.

"So I got in the car with her to turn the ignition off. I released her seatbelt and just stuck with her really. I couldn't do anything else."

Mrs Hinchliffe said the Golf had two people in the front who were obviously dead.

She said Mrs Stavert-Lee's daughter was following her mother in another car and came across the scene.

They were travelling to Doncaster from the York area, she believed.

Mrs Hinchliffe said she tried to get into the back of the Volkswagen where she thought children were trapped.

She said other people began to arrive and managed to free the occupants.

But she said her main concern was to get the unconscious Volvo driver out as smoke poured from the engine compartment.

Her husband even went to bring a bucket of water to douse the car and they eventually managed to bring her out of the vehicle.

Mrs Hinchliffe said she took the pensioner's daughter to her house and police arrived later to inform them she had died.

She said: "I'm just sorry that I couldn't have done more."

Mrs Hinchliffe said she had lived in her home for eight years and has seen all kinds of accidents in that time.

"There's accidents every other week," she said.

"We want speed cameras.

"You take your life in your hands every time you pull out.

"With three deaths, maybe something will get done. I don't know."

Asked about previous incidents, she said: "I've had people laid out on my lawn, I've had cars through my plum trees into my garden."

Mrs Hinchliffe said: "It's only a matter of time before two wagons collide because they're speeding along here at 56 and it's a 40mph limit.

"It wants reducing to 30.

"How many accidents and deaths is it going to take before they do something? We have to live with this on a daily basis.

"It's horrendous."

Today a single bunch of flowers was laid on the bridge over the Aire and Calder Navigation canal, where the crash happened.

The incident provoked a huge emergency services response with two air ambulances, three land ambulances and two rapid response paramedic units joining firefighters and police at the remote scene.

The investigation and clear-up operation took more than seven hours.

Humberside Police have appealed for motorists who were driving on the A614 at the time to come forward.