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MOORS murderer Myra Hindley has concluded that Lord Longford's campaign for her freedom has hindered her cause, the Sunday Times reports. After more than two decades of regular visits, she has told the former leader of the House of Lords that she no longer wishes to see him.

Government officials are trying to discredit the BMA campaign to cut junior doctors' hours, a Department of Health memo leaked to the Observer reveals. The memo, a briefing for the Prime Minister, claims doctors' evidence of crippling working hours is 'inaccurate, exaggerated or out-of-date'.

The News of the World claims a convicted killer may be freed on appeal after suggestions that jurors used a ouija board before finding him guilty of a double murder. Stephen Young is appealing against his conviction for the murders of Harry and Nicola Fuller. A juror has sworn a statement that three colleagues held a late night seance to contact the victims and ask who killed them.

Prince Charles has talked about his ideas for the monarchy in an interview with Roy Hattersley in the Mail on Sunday. The paper reports he is profoundly depressed by the thought that his destiny can only be fulfilled by the death of his mother.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that research is being launched by psychiatrists, GPS and physicians into how much alcohol we can safely drink. The move follows work by epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll, who found that the healthiest men are non-smokers drinking between 20 and 29 units a week, compared with the previous safe recommended level of 21 units.

Labour councils employ up to twice as many staff to deliver the same services as their Tory neighbours, the Sunday Express claims. John Major will seek to exploit these 'findings' in his campaign for the forthcoming council elections.