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MILLIONAIRE Tory Alan Clark seduced a judge's wife and then bedded her two virgin daughters, according to the News of the World. Judge James Harkess discovered the affairs only last week. Clark, 66, a former Cabinet minister, was a family friend. He used Commons notepaper to send a series of erotic notes to Mrs Valerie Harkess and her daughters Alison and Josephine.

TV correspondent Michael Nicholson faces losing a little girl he rescued from the war zone in Bosnia. The Mail on Sunday reports that the Bosnian government is insisting 11-year-old Natasha Mihaljcic be returned home. A spokesman for the Bosnian Embassy in London said: 'The British

authorities are supposed to come to us for permission over adoptions. But we will always say no.'

The Pope says the Catholic church will never countenance the ordination of women, according to the Sunday Telegraph. In a letter to bishops around the world, the Pope writes that the church lacks the authority to take such a step. Sources said yesterday that although the letter lacks the force of an infallible statement it was 'very authoritative'.

The Sunday Times reports that solicitors are targeting low income families on council estates in a sophisticated legal-aid fraud costing tax payers an estimated pounds 20m a year. An investigation by the Legal Aid Board has found lawyers touting for work offering food, trainers and cigarettes in return for signatures on forms which bring them nearly pounds 100 a time for advice they do not give.

The British Board of Film Classification has ruled that a video version of the racist silent film classic, The Birth of a Nation, can only be released if it carries a 600-word disclaimer at its start. It will say that the 1915 D W Griffith film may cause offence to modern audiences. Connoisseur, the company which is to issue the video with a 15 certificate next month, thinks the wording is unnecessary, the Observer reports.

The Sunday Express reports that a convicted paedophile tricked his way into a top job at a hospital despite a string of crimes against children. The scandal came to light when the trust that runs the hospital was tipped off about Dr Roderick Fraser's 20-year history of child sex abuse. He was working as a consultant psychiatrist at the Royal South Hampshire Hospital in Southampton only a year after release from prison for peddling paedophile material.

The Duke of York had a flirtatious affair with a pub barmaid, according to the People. Barmaid Elaine Rey has told of her friendship with the young Prince Andrew when he was training as a Royal Navy pilot.