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THE Sunday Times reports that doctors who have been struck off have been allowed back into practice after as little as 10 months suspension. MPs, patient pressure groups and a former General Medical Council lay member are calling for a review of the GMC's powers and say life bans should be considered in extreme cases.

Children in British cities live in daily fear of violence, according to the Observer. Youngsters are terrified of school bullies, playground drug dealers and violent gangs. A year-long study by Manchester City Council also discovered a generation terrified of growing up without a job or a home. The findings will be published next month.

The new Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Michael Turnbull, was convicted of gross indecency 26 years ago, according to the News of the World.

The Scottish Labour party is asking prospective councillors to write a 300-word essay on the subject, 'Why I want to be a Labour councillor' in the hope of attracting a higher calibre of local politician, reports the Sunday Telegraph. The system will replace the well tried system, known locally as 'Buggins' turn', whereby jobs go to long-serving party faithfuls.

The Mail on Sunday reports that one schoolchild in 10 may suffer migraine headaches. A study of 2,165 children aged five to 15 by the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, produced the first scientific evidence that there are so many young sufferers.