Today's strikes: how they will affect you

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* Schools, hospitals and travel to be hit hard across the country.

* All schools and 20 day care centres will close in Glasgow. The Glasgow subway will also close.

* The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, St John's Hospital and the Western General will run a Sunday service.

* At least 3,000 operations postponed.

* Courts, benefits offices, nurseries and leisure centres all likely to close, and bin collections likely not to happen.

* Airports in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness could see delays or cancellations.


* Services on the Tyne and Wear Metro will be totally suspended on Wednesday as a result of strike action by operators Nexus and DR Regio. Disruption will begin tonight and continue till Thursday. The Shields ferry service will also be suspended.

* Bin collections will not happen in Newcastle and other areas, some residents having to wait until the following Wednesday for their refuse to be collected.

* Many libraries will be closed to the public, including every library in Newcastle.

* No funerals, cemeteries and crematoriums closed.

* Most leisure centres closed.


* Transport will be severely affected in Liverpool with the Mersey Tunnel shut, bus services disrupted, Mersey ferry services suspended and delays likely at John Lennon Airport.

* In Manchester, Sure Start and Children's centres will be closed and adult care services will operate with a skeleton staff. City Library and most other Manchester libraries will close.

* One of Manchester Airport's three terminals could close, with only half the 250 immigration staff required likely to be available.

Yorkshire and the Humber

* Sheffield Teaching Hospitals cancelling outpatient clinics and non-urgent operations.

* No rubbish collection taking place in Leeds. Kirkgate Market will be closed.

* Day centres for dementia and mental health care will be affected. Learning Disabilities Fulfilling Lives Services likely to be closed.

* Airports in Humberside and Leeds could experience severe delays.

* Most schools and many libraries will close.

Northern Ireland

* No buses or trains will operate across the entire country, Translink has said, after employees in the Unite, GMB, TSSA and SIPTU unions voted to strike. Belfast Airport is unlikely to be affected by UKBA strikes.

Belfast City Council will not be collecting any bins, there will be no street cleaning, all recycling centres will be shut, all leisure centres closed, and all public toilets closed.

East of England

* Reduced staffing for social care services for children in Cambridgeshire. Also, a number of libraries may be closed.

* Some problems anticipated with refuse collection, but generally fewer disruptions to council services anticipated than elsewhere in the UK. No major disruptions are expected in Norwich.

* 110 schools in Norfolk and 60 schools in Essex have confirmed that they will close, with many more expected to announce today.


* 132 (30 per cent) of schools closed in Birmingham, with more expected to announce today. Bin men are expected to strike, but the council has pledged to try to complete refuse collections.

* In Nottingham the main library and bus station will be closed.

* Birmingham and East Midlands airports likely to be hit by UKBA strike. Long queues for passengers are anticipated.


* All schools in Cardiff will close along with six libraries, four leisure centres and many adult care day centres. There will no bin collection in the city either.

* Every school in Blaenau Gwent and in Newport will close.

* No bin collections in Newport.


* Disruption expected at all major airports with hundreds of UK Border Agency staff expected to join the strike. Etihad Airways and Aegean Airlines have already cancelled some services to Heathrow.

* GMB Union confirms that caterers, cleaners and security staff at the Houses of Parliament will walk out.

* FDA, the civil servants' union, is striking for the first time. Diplomats and policy advisers are expected to join a picket line outside Whitehall.


* Dover ferry port is calling in staff from overseas posts, training managers and contractors to make border checks.

* In Southampton, most schools, day centres and libraries will be closed along with the art gallery.

* Isle of Wight, Cowes floating bridge will close.

* Hampshire County Council anticipates "widespread disruption" with adult social care day services closed.

* 95 schools in Hampshire and 240 in Surrey will be partially or fully closed.

* No bin collections in Brighton, where museums and art galleries, including the Pavilion are also likely to close.


* 775 schools to close across the region.

* The Torpoint Ferry in Plymouth will be closed.

* In Bristol, social work, residential care, and meals-on-wheels services will continue but with minimum cover levels.