Toddler Alexandra Lucy Hoegh was strangled by blind cord, inquest hears


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The wife of one of Britain’s richest men told an inquest of her desperate attempt to save her two-year-old daughter who had become fatally entangled in a window blind cord.

Dana Hoegh, the wife of multi-millionaire shipping magnate Martin Hoegh, rushed into the street outside their West London home begging for help after she discovered their two year old daughter Alexandra lifeless in her cot.

A cord from a nearby window had managed to wrap itself around Alexandra’s neck and she was no longer breathing, an inquest heard today.

Fighting back tears, Mrs Hoegh explained how she desperately tried to revive her daughter last October once she found out what had happened.

“She was blue. She was not breathing. I ran downstairs into the street. I asked my friend Catherine to call an ambulance and started mouth-to-mouth on her on the pavement.”

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox recorded a verdict of accidental death, describing the incident as “tragic”, and said she would write to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), asking it to talk to blind manufacturers about putting warnings on their products. More than 20 children have died since 1999 from looped blind cords, according to figures released last year.