Toddler requires emergency assistance after getting stuck in mop bucket

16-month-old Minnie Snodgrass climbed in when her mother went upstairs after mopping

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Firefighters were called to remove an extremely cute toddler from a metal mop bucket after she climbed in and became stuck.

Minnie Snodgrass, 16 months, is thought to have eyed up the challenge of sitting in the bucket just as her mother, Gemma, finished mopping up their Doncaster home on Tuesday.

Mrs Snodgrass, 29, said that she went upstairs after cleaning the floor, but ran back down when she heard her four-year-old son Matthew shout that Minnie had got stuck.

“She must have climbed in and sat down and got wedged,” she told the Sheffield Star.

“I went upstairs to put some sheets on the bed and then I heard her brother Matthew shout 'Mum, Minnie's stuck'.

“I picked up the bucket and was panicking when I couldn't get her out.”

Gemma’s morther, Rose Cope, then raced the family to nearby Mexborough Montagu Hospital where South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue came to the child’s aid.

Four firefighters from Dearne Fire Station arrived within minutes and used bolt cutters to release her from the bucket. She was unharmed, a spokesman said.

He added: “If we weren't here to rescue toddlers from mop buckets, who would?

“It's another example of the vast range of work the modern fire and rescue service is called to respond to and which the public rely on us for.”

The child was in remarkably good spirits as the family drove to hospital, it has been revealed, being filmed in the back seat dancing and singing along to the radio.

“She just loves climbing, she climbs into anything she can get in,” Gemma added. “She’s fine now. I’m not allowed a mop bucket again. I’ll just use a steam mop.”