Tortoise stolen twice in two days at Somerset's Puxton Park Farm

The staff at the park said they are "devastated"

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A pair of tortoises were embroiled in a crime spree over the weekend, when the two were stolen just hours after one of them was returned.

Staff at Puxton Park Farm launched an appeal for the safe return of Teo after he went missing on Saturday.

A visitor is thought to have taken Teo from his cage during a visit on Saturday. The next morning, an unknown man called the farm and left the animal at a nearby community hall, the Mirror reported.

But Teo and his playmate Taylor were snatched as a pair just hours later.

A spokesperson from the park said: “We would like to report that after successfully retrieving Teo today one of our lovely customers has now forced their way into the enclosure and helped themselves to both Tortoises.

"We are devastated again, and any information about this would be greatly appreciated."