Train strike: TSSA union calls off action after last minute deal reached with National Rail

Union, which is also invovled in a legal dispute with National Rail, represents roughly 3,000 workers

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One of the rail workers unions intending to partake in the worst train strike in 20 years has called its members off after coming to a deal with National Rail.

TSSA were intending to strike from Monday 5pm over pay over a dispute with National Rail over job guarantees and pay.

The union, which represents approximately 3000 white-collar workers, tweeted today that it was not intending to strike after receiving an “improved offer” from National Rail.

It is believed that lifting the strike may mean that National Rail is able to run half the usual services to Gatwick airport on Tuesday, averting a scenario where no trains ran to the busy transport hub, according to a Guardian report earlier today.

General Secretary of the TSSA rail union Manuel Cortes said in a statement: "Our negotiating team at ACAS has received a revised offer from Network Rail.

“As a result of this, they have suspended the planned industrial action, pending the outcome of a meeting of our workplace representatives next week."


The union’s decision also raises questions over the outcome of the legal decision, related to the original ballot to strike, expected in court on Thursday.

TSSA and RMT both voted in favour to strike, but TSSA’s turnout and those in favour of striking were considerably below that of RMT.

National Rail had issued a legal challenge over the ballot, suggesting that it contained “numerous defects”.