Transcript of the email sent by alleged eyewitness accusing Andrew Mitchell of swearing at police officers


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Below is an edited but uncorrected version of the email sent by the alleged eyewitness to the Conservative MP John Randall, accusing Andrew Mitchell of swearing at police officers.

Dear Mr Randall,

I am resident in your constituency and have consistently supported and voted for you in passed elections.

Unfortunately, I write you to complain about the absolutely digesting behaviour I was witness to yesterday, Wednesday 19th September 2012 about 7.30pm, display by your fellow Member of Parliament at Downing Street.

I was with my relative from Hong Kong doing the usual site seeing. As we were waiting at the main gates of Downing Street, with several other tourists, he point to a man on a push bike. My nephew … mistakingly thought this man was Boris Johnson, but I corrected him, having a keen interest in politics, knew it was Andrew Mitchell.

Imagine to our horror when we heard Mr Mitchell shout very loudly at the police officers guarding “You f***ing plebs” and “You think you run the f***ing country” and just continued to shout obscenities at the poor police officers.

Now I know that the other people/tourists standing with us were also shocked and some were even, inadvertently filming the incident. It was to one of the police officers credit that he calmly spoke to Mr Mitchell.

Kind regards