Tube strike: Heavy rain and thunderstorms predicted as London returns to travel chaos

Commuters are set to be hit on two fronts this week, as miserable weather coincides with the Tube strike

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Not only do Londoners have two strikes to contend with this week, but commuters are also likely to be forced off their bikes and on to the buses by heavy rain.

Commuting misery will be compounded for many as miserable weather is predicted throughout the strike period - which runs from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday morning.

One notable feature of the strikes so far this summer has been commuters walking or cycling to work to get around the Underground. But weather forecasters predict that won't be an option this week with thunderstorms are set to hit the capital.

Heavy clouds will gather throughout today, bringing spells of heavy rain and a dull, overcast day. Temperatures will typically be around 18C.

The poor weather is set to continue solidly over the following days, before easing on Friday morning and turning to sunny spells and temperatures of 20C that afternoon- just in time for the end of the tube strikes.

So if you’re considering beating the Underground mayhem and travelling to work by foot or by bike, you might want to consider taking a bus or bringing an umbrella.


The early morning will be pleasant with some sunny spells, before clouds quickly increase and heavy rain spreads and lingers for most of the day.

Maximum temperature of 18C


Heavy clouds and rain will be in place from early morning, through to early afternoon. Things will get better as the day progresses- the evening will be cloudy and overcast but mostly dry.

Maximum temperature of 20C


Heavy shower, thick clouds and strong winds will be present throughout the day.

Maximum temperature 18C


Early morning will see clear skies and sunshine, before some light clouds settle from 1pm. Overall a pleasant and dry day.

Maximum temperature 18C