Tube strike: Londoners stay positive in the face of widespread union action

Many have walked, cycled, run or even taken a boat to work this morning

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Londoners appear to be making the most of today’s massive Underground strike by walking, cycling or even taking a boat to work.

London Underground workers' decision to strike from 6.30pm yesterday has been broadly greeted with resignation by most commuters in the capital, although huge queues and delays to buses have tested many this morning.

Although instances of rage are bouncing around on social media, many seem to be in a mood of acceptance as thousands took to the pavements.

Pictures of commuters cycling, running and walking have deluged social media with many commenting that their commute this morning was “better than the tube”.

Others also travelled down the Thames via ferry (we have not had any reports of swimmers) or took the cable car over the river.

Even so, the numbers of people walking appear to have clogged London’s pavements, with runners reporting “this morning was more like a game of bumper cars”.