Tube strike: Maintenance workers strike called off

Six further planned strikes over the coming months may still go ahead

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A planned strike by London Underground (LU) maintenance workers on Friday has been called off, the RMT union says.

LU maintenance staff were to walk out in a dispute over safety conditions, with a 24-hour strike set to begin at 6.20am on Friday 12 February.

The union said it received confirmation any changes to conditions will be put on hold for two weeks, to allow for a comprehensive safety review.

Six further planned strikes over the coming months may still go ahead. 

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: "The hard work of RMT's negotiating team, backed by a determined and rock-solid workforce, has enabled us to secure a two-week block on these track access changes to allow for a comprehensive safety review prior to a return to Acas.

"The dispute remains live, further strike action remains in place from early March and action short of a strike also remains in force.

"The union has made itself available for the safety review and the continuing talks and we remain determined to secure a long-term agreement that protects the safety culture across London Underground."

Around 500 track patrol staff will still be walking out on Friday in a dispute with LU bosses over the use of private contractors.

LU say the proposed strike is unlikely to disrupt Tube services.