The social experiment that shows (some) Londoners aren't that rude after all

Londoners were unwittingly challenged to do good...

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As far as city-wide stereotypes go, Londoners get a raw deal. Parisians are lovers, Berliners are unshakably cool, but Londoners are simply regarded as miserable curmudgeons in bowler hats.

But a heartwarming new video is challenging this view, and has proven that Londoners do in fact have hearts.

The video entitled ‘Are Londoners Horrible?’ was filmed by Action for Happiness, a movement which aims to create a more caring society.

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It presents Londoners with three scenarios to test their kindness: an elderly lady struggling with her suitcase; a man who has fallen asleep on the train; and a woman whose shopping bags have split.

Proving that the city’s residents aren’t as cold-hearted as we are lead to believe, passersby are shown stepping in to help with hesitation.

The do-gooders, who would usually go unrewarded, are quickly treated by members of the organisation for their kind-hearted actions. (We won’t spoil the surprise for you).

The organisation bases its activities on the latest scientific research, according to its website.