Tube strike: Vintage newsreel footage shows what life was like during the 1962 strike

Rollerskating, jogging, and riding in a car boot - how 1962's commuters got to work during the strike

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If you're currently reading this while squashed into the corner of an overcrowded bus, or scouring the streets looking for a Boris Bike, it's understandable if you might feel a little stressed out.

But London's been through plenty of tube strikes before, and somehow it's remained standing.

One of these strikes was in 1962, when due to laxer strike laws, tube workers took an 'unofficial' strike that closed down the network.

The news cameras were on the street that day capturing the scenes, providing strike-stricken commuters in 2015 with evidence that things haven't really changed that much.

Burnham Crescent is way up in E11, so he's got a fairly decent run ahead of him to get to work in the city

As the plummy-voiced announcer tells us, many tried to get the bus instead, which were "packed" and "hopelessly inadequate".

Many people decided to take alternative means of transport to work - some of the stranger ones were caught on film.

One man, determinded not to let the strike get in his way, decides to jog to work, wearing a vest and very short shorts, but still with his bowler hat and briefcase.

The briefcase seems far too small to carry any clothes, so the facts of whether or not this man simply sat in the office all day in his pants have, unfortunately, been lost to history.

Gentleman rollerskaters have since been replaced by annoying children on scooters in London

Another gent, slightly better dressed than the first, decides to skate, using simple rollerskates strapped on to his office shoes.

He looks fairly wobbly and frankly dangerous to other pedestrians, but that won't seem to odd to Londonders used to dodging kamikaze scooter-riders on the pavement.

Everyone is dressed much smarter and the pavements aren't quite as busy as they are today, but generally things are fairly similar - gridlocked roads, huge bus queues, and idiots beeping their car horns in heavy traffic.

It'll be over soon, don't worry.