Tube strike weather: Forecast predicts 27C in London as largest TfL action in a decade brings Underground disruption to millions

London UNderground workers are expected to walk out at 6.30pm Wednesday

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Londoners can at least take one small crumb of comfort ahead of the expected tube strike this week – it is not forecast to rain.

Forecasts ahead of Tube workers’ strike over pay show little expectation of rain, with some clouds but mostly sunny early morning and evenings – ideal for either walking or waiting at a bus stop for hours.

Met office spokesperson Laura Young said Londoners could expect dry weather from Wednesday evening with the smallest possibility of rain over the Tube strike, scheduled to start at 6.30pm on Wednesday for 24 hours.

“It will be dry but cloudy on Wednesday evening. Then, on Thursday we will have a bright, sunny start that will continue all day.

“Temperature wise, it should be around 22 to 23 degrees so not too hot – if you’ve got to walk it is a good day to do it,” she said. “It’ll probably be cooler than it would have been on the Tube.”

Although parts of the country on Friday may experience some showers, London should stay “drier and brighter” although “it is not glorious and sunny. Rather warm with temperatures around 26 to 27.”

"The chances of rain are five cent across the two days - that's the lowest we go. Obviously, we can never say never, but as forecasts go it looks likely to remain dry," Ms Young added.

With the conclusion of the strike on Friday evening, the good weather is expected to hold into the weekend – so that’s something to look forward too.