Twilight films prompt 120% increase in abandoned ‘wolf dogs’


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Wolf-like dog breeds are being handed in to rescue centres in growing numbers because of the success of the Twilight films, an animal charity says.

Britain’s largest canine welfare charity, Dogs Trust, has seen a 120 per cent increase in dogs such as huskies, malamutes and akitas being taken to its 18 re-homing centres.

It is warning those wanting a pet like the shape-shifting werewolf Jacob Black in the films to think carefully about whether they have the space and energy to look after it.

So far this year, the charity has had nearly 100 huskies, 35 akitas and 16 malamutes handed over, with the trend showing no signs of abating.

Lynn Barber, a training and behavioural adviser at the Dogs Trust, which cares for about 16,000 dogs a year, said: “These dogs are gorgeous creatures and can make wonderful companions, but they need owners who know the breed and are willing to commit to them.

“They are all powerful, large dogs which will need regular exercise, socialisation and habituation and, sadly, we are seeing many of these dogs being abandoned when they become too much for their owners, and rescue centres have to pick up the pieces.”

Two dogs in need of homes at the moment are four-year-old malamutes Jigsaw and his kennel-mate Moose, which were handed into a Dogs Trust centre at Harefield, west London, this month. They will both need active homes with a family that has the time to dedicate to their ongoing training.

Anyone interested in offering a home to a dog or wanting advice on how to look after their pet should contact Dogs Trust Harefield on 01895 453 930, or visit the Dogs Trust website at