Two hours stuck in a bollard? All in the name of making Hemel Hempstead 'more interesting' says joker

Ricky Alridge spent two hours stuck in a traffic bollard as onlookers filmed the incident, but says he 'wasn't worried'

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The man who spent two hours stuck in a traffic bollard after deciding to climb into it has become an internet sensation overnight.

A video of hapless Ricky Alridge stumbling about Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire with a traffic bollard stuck on his upper-half quickly went viral, causing him to become something of a YouTube celebrity.

The 24-year-old builder had decided to put the bollard on his head as a prank to make Hemel Hempstead “more interesting” and because he is “a bit of a joker”.

Not even his faithful friend could help him remove the bollard and despite repeated tugging from the bewildered looking friend, Alridge was firmly stuck in it.

Bystanders filming the event eventually called police for assistance.

An officer arrived and a struggle ensued between the bollard, the trapped man and the policeman, who eventually managed to free him following a series of forceful tugs.

Speaking to the Times, Alridge said: “It’s a bit strange to see how famous I have become overnight. I can’t believe how much it’s blown up.

“Me and my friend were walking home from a friend’s house and discussing how funny it would be to find a bollard and get it stuck on your head.

“I put the bollard on my head and we walked through town.“

Bu whilst bystanders were concerned enough to call police for help, Alridge said he didn't share their fears.

“I wasn’t worried about it coming off, I thought it had to come off at some way and it was a good laugh”, he said.

“It was a bit strange being inside the bollard when I could hear people talking about me and not being able to see me. I think some people were a bit concerned.”

However, the experience has lead Alridge to decide his “bollard days are definitely over” because “any more bollard fun wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining.”