UK jihadists have assets frozen by Treasury

List is released of 25 individuals and 26 organisations linked to jihadist groups that will have their assets frozen by the Treasury

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The UK government has decided to freeze the assets of three men believed to be in Syria fighting for jihadist groups.

The three men, who include Nasser Muthana and Reyaad Khan both 20 and from Cardiff, as well as Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen, are all on the list of people facing sanctions from the British treasury.

The list, which was published yesterday, includes the names of 25 individuals and 26 organisations and is part of the government’s plan to prevent British citizens from travelling to Syria and becoming involved in jihadist militant groups.

It is also aimed at preventing terrorist organisations from receiving funding from accounts in Britain.

The decision by the UK government comes a few days after a man claiming to be Nasser Muthana posted a picture of 15 homemade bombs above the words "So the UK is afraid I come back with the skills I've gained".

The picture, posted on the unverified social media account, was put up alongside another image of a weapon that was said to have been seized from an enemy Shia Muslim in Syria.

Aseel Muthana, 17, the brother of Nasser is also thought to be in Syria, after an interview with a man claiming to be Muthana in Syria was broadcast on BBC Wales’ Week in Week Out programme on Wednesday.

In the interview, he said that “Jihad is obligatory” and that he was willing to die as a martyr in Syria.

Aseel is not on the list of people to have had their assets frozen.

Ahmed Muthana, 57, the father of both Muthana brothers has been vocal in urging his sons to come back to Britain, even if this would result in arrest.

In the statement, he said he believed his sons were trapped and that they were being told to post videos online by “those with guns” and “those that fed them.”