UK rain: Met Office issues yellow weather warning for England, Wales and eastern Scotland as heavy rainfall continues

Heavy downfalls will spread further north over the course of Friday

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The Met Office has issued an yellow weather warning to most of the UK for Friday 14 August, with more heavy downfalls still to come.

A sudden downpour of rain hit many parts of the south of England on Thursday, with parts of the South East experiencing flooding and thunder and lighting.

Unfortunately, this heavy rain will linger, and is likely to be both "persistent and heavy at times", according to the Met Office.

In response to the rain, the Met Office has issued a yellow 'be aware' weather warning, telling those in affected areas to be aware of the significant risk of localised disruption due to flooding.

A yellow warning covered the south of England and Wales yesterday, but will spread north on Friday, taking in the North East, North West and parts of eastern Scotland.

A slow-moving area of low pressure over the UK is responsible for the rain's persistence into Friday.

Staff mop flood water out of the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne, on the south coast (PA)

Average rainfall for the whole month of August in central and eastern England is only around 50mm, but total rainfall just over Thursday and Friday is predicted to be around 40mm.

Temperatures across most of the UK will be around 20 degrees, with slightly higher temperatures in the South East and lower in the north of Scotland.

These high temperatures mean that things will feel fairly humid. The temperatures are set to stay quite warm overnight on Friday, meaning a muggy and hot night for most people across the UK.