UK weather: Temperatures to hit mid-20s this weekend if clouds let sun peak through

The weather will be warm and pleasant for much of the UK this week

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It may finally be time to dust off the barbecue and flip-flops this weekend as temperatures are expected to hit the mid-20s across the UK.

Experts say that temperatures could climb as high as 26C in places where otherwise persistent cloud coverage breaks apart and allows the sun to peak through.

The pleasant weather is down to a dominant high pressure system which creates warm, settled conditions, Met Office spokeswoman Nicoal Maxey told The Independent.

Maxey said: “Everywhere is going to see this sort of patchy cloud throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend.

"With breaks in the cloud we will see sunshine and temperatures go up."

She went on to explain that it is “impossible to judge” when the cloud may clear, but said: “if you do get a break in the clouds you could see temperatures between 25C to 26C. If you get solid cloud the temperatures are more likely to stay at 21C or 22C.”

“It’s not going to be cold even with the cloud, but you won’t hit higher bands if you get that prolonged [cloud] cover.”

However, north-west Scotland will be see rain on Tuesday which will move into north England and the northern Midlands due to a polar maritime air mass moving in from the north, but this will dissipate before it reaches the south.

The balmy weather will be welcome news for music-lovers heading to Glastonbury Festival late next week, as warm, dry spells are likely to stick around Maxey said.

However, she stressed that it is difficult to predict the weather so far ahead, and added that as warmer weather is unstable, it brings with it a higher risk of showers.