UK urged to go for nuclear power


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Chancellor George Osborne was urged today to put nuclear power at the forefront of the Government's electricity supply policy.

In a letter to the Chancellor, Sir William McAlpine, chairman of the pressure group Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE) describes the present energy policy as an imposition on consumers and industry and as failing in its objectives.,

Sir William: "We welcome your determination that Britain should not impose costs on consumers and industry that exceed those of our competitors in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and your reduction of some subsidies.

"We do so because we regard current energy policy as an imposition on both consumers and industry and commerce. More importantly, it does not give value for money.

"In fact, it is failing in all its objectives - security (which renewables generally can never provide) of low carbon supply at affordable cost."

Sir William continued: "We find this difficult to understand when the Government is wrestling with massive debts and the need for growth and is privy to the facts about electricity supply costs.

"The sheer disparity between the cost of other sources - and especially offshore wind - and nuclear is startling when nuclear can reasonably be claimed to provide security of low carbon supply at affordable cost. We suggest this shows that reform of energy policy has a long way to go before it is in a position to achieve its declared objective.

He added: "We wish you well in re-introducing the long-overdue concept of value for money into it. In our view, the evidence requires nuclear power to be at the forefront of electricity supply policy."